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Welcome to Blue Tractor Foods -  A developer and private label co-pack manufacturer of snack foods including: Pellet Snacks and Corn Tortilla Chips.

Unlike many co-packers, we appreciate the business our customers trust us with and feel it would be a conflict of interest to compete with our clients in the marketplace.  At Blue Tractor we put 100% of our attention and effort into being a true partner with our customers, assisting as much as we can in supporting their growth plans solely from an R&D and manufacturing position.
Blue Tractor Foods Tortilla Assortment

Blue Tractor Foods Pellet Assortment
Blue Tractor Foods Expanded Grain Popped Product Assortment

Blue Tractor Foods: Salsa

Blue Tractor Foods: Our connection to the farm

With an unrelenting passion for innovation, nutrition, quality, and customer satifaction, we're glad you're visiting our site and hope if we can be of service developing, improving, or manufacturing your snack food products you will contact us to start a conversation.